Getting the most out of your mattress!

It’s something we all take for granted, we buy a mattress and think it will last us forever, but without the right care and attention you might as well throw your hard-earned money down the drain!!

The average British adult can sweat up to 1 litre each night which provides a perfect breeding ground for our 6 legged little friends.  Follow these simple tips and your mattress could provide years of comfort and support.

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Planning the perfect dinner party

Dinner parties, they are a good idea on paper, but when it comes down to it are they really worth the hassle?

When you remember the day before that you have invited friends over and there is that moment of panic? Or when everybody is waiting patiently at the table whilst you’re dropping pans and sweating red cheeked in the kitchen? It doesn’t need to be like that!

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Turn your house into a home

No matter how perfect your house may look, whether you have just moved in or lived there for years, without the right finishing touches it will never truly feel like home.

It can be hard to find the time to do this with work and family commitments etc. when the necessities are there to live, however we promise you it’s worth it.

With a few quick and simple ideas, follow our guide below to help you turn your house into a home.

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Make Your Christmas an Extra Bonny One with this Fruity Number!


Make Your Christmas an Extra Bonny One with this Fruity Number!  Have a Gin-Tastic Christmas with this Fruity Rhubarb Recipe!

We’ve teamed up with one of the merriest pubs in the North West, The Bonny Inn of Blackburn, to share one of their favourite flavoured gin recipes.

Serve it with style in this Glass Drinks Dispenser – on special offer in Brand Interiors stores for this week only…Now £7! (Normal Retail Price £18).

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Create the Coastal Dream

Let your mind be transported to a place of peace and tranquility with coastal inspired interiors. Here's a little inspiration to 'wet' your appetite for all things seaside.

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