Ahoy Sailor! Anchors aweigh with your old dark and dingy décor, this season it’s all about reminiscing and remembering your childhood trips to the marina. Using Nautical theme décor with soft whites as a base colour and adding a touch of inky blues and smoky grey you could almost imagine yourself on a boat cruising across the med.

It is so simple to get the nautical look in your home without going overboard on the cost.  Here we have 4 key tips to help you achieve the perfect nautical look in your home.

1 – Its all White

White is the perfect base to get an authentic nautical feel to your home; plain white walls with inky blue and smoky grey accessories will look simply stunning. Whilst also making your room light and bright in the summer months a soft white base will also lift your mood, cleanse your mind and offer a complete relaxation sanctuary. Avoid the stark whites often used on the ceiling and aim more toward softer whites with a blue undertone such as Dulux’s Chantilly White.

2 – Mirror, Mirror on the wall

By putting a mirror in the right place, especially opposite a window, this can make your room feel lighter, brighter and create a sense of open space, even in the smallest room. By reflecting the light in different directions and mirroring (pardon the pun) an open window, this will give your room an overall lighter brighter and bigger feel. By choosing a round mirror, like the Somerford round mirror, with a white or soft grey frame you will get the feel of a port hole on a ship and add to your nautical look.

3 – Sink into a bed of cushions

There is nothing more appealing than a sofa or bed full of soft, plump cushions. Whilst offering comfort, cushions in the right colour and patterns can automatically add a fabulous nautical feel. And there’s no need to ‘push the boat out’ with our cushions starting from as little as £22. Stripes, plains and sailor inspired prints will all help to add to your beach feel room. Deep blues, soft whites and smoky greys all work well together and will add a seaside feel to your home.

4 – The finishing touches

Accessorising is key when it comes to finishing your nautical inspired room. Simple things like jars filled with sea shells you have collected from your beach holiday will all help add character to your room. Old pieces of worn rope look great attached to walls, ornaments and chairs to add a beach nautical feel.

That completes our simple guide to creating a nautical-inspired space; remember that many of the products featured in this guide can be found here at Brand Interiors!  Be sure to check back soon for more handy style guides, tips and tricks!